Have you ever seen a friend or loved one struggle with their weight loss? Did you know that thinking about the various health conditions associated with obesity – diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke – can generate some discussion about the diseases and weight loss. However, it can also produce various feelings and reactions:

  •  Feeling of being attacked
  • Shame
  • Self-doubt
  • Provide nothing but excuses
  • Claiming that no one has the right to say anything


4 Ways To Motivate Weight Loss with your Wife or Husband

If you want to help someone lose weight, it’s imperative you do it without offending them. Of course, you may feel this is impossible to do. However, with the four tips below you can be the encouraging person they need to start their weight loss journey.

1. Listen To Them

If someone you know is worried about their weight, listen to them. And, unless you’re asked to share your worries, don’t. Just listen. Ask them what you can do to help them. Consider some suggestions for them:

  • Walk every dayweight loss
  • Share snacks or meals
  • Eat together
  • Treat themselves to weight loss goal rewards
  • Have regular water breaks
  • Give them support for grocery shopping
  • See a registered dietician together
  • Have healthier foods on hand

weight loss motivation2. Your Comments Should Be Supportive and Positive

You certainly don’t want to lose a friendship so if you know your advice is not wanted, bite your tongue. Don’t make any comments about their less than healthy eating habits. Remember, a person must be interested in losing weight themselves if it’s to happen. If you comment on it, you’re only going to do more harm than good.  Supportive, positive comments are far better in the long run.

3. Be A Weight Loss Role Modelweight loss husband

Be sure to pick foods, events and topics of conversation that generate healthy behaviors. Consider any of the following to help you:

  •  Offer snacks and/or meals you are eating to them.
  • Ask them to join you on a power walk.
  • Ask them to take part in your gardening project.
  • Don’t give them foods that will sabotage their efforts.
  • Pick active activities over sedentary ones.

 4. Be Their Cheerleader

Be sure you are their cheerleader. Each time they lose a pound or drop a pant-size, let them know how proud of them you are. If a person becomes frustrated and feels like weight loss is hopeless, provide them with some support. You don’t have to be an optimist all the time; but, when it comes to a weight loss journey, it’s imperative to give them positive thoughts to keep in their head so they’ll meet all their weight loss goals.

weight loss motivation


Christine Stewart

National Bariatric Link

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