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Bra Line Lift Surgery

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Bra-line Back Lift

Many individuals who get bariatric surgery are extremely happy with their weight loss within the first year. People are complimenting you on how great you look and you may not even recognize yourself. You may have had other types of surgery to get rid of the excess fat and saggy skin around the areas that you had changed. The most difficult thing you may continue to battle with is the fat rolls on your back at or around your bra line. Good news awaits! For those that have gotten surgery for weight loss along with other types of surgery to remove excess saggy skin, the one area that you didn’t think about was your back. The new bra line back lift surgery will remove those back bulges and the scars are hidden under the bra line.

Who Qualifies for Bra Line Back Surgery?

If you have saggy skin along your bra line on your back from weight loss surgery, extensive exposure to the sun, or aging, you may be an excellent candidate to receive bra line back surgery. While this surgery is performed on both men and women, men are less likely than women to have these fat rolls on their back hence the surgery is performed more frequently on women. Men can benefit from this surgery if they have lost a large amount of weight. This procedure is now becoming more popular as weight loss surgeries are increasing in popularity; last year alone over 20,000 people have had this procedure done.

Preparing for the Surgery

It is important to discuss with your surgeon everything you need to do before you have bra line back surgery. Your surgeon will give you instructions on what you need to do t prepare for the surgery.

  1. You must follow the list of what you can eat and drink in the allotted amount of days before you get this surgery.
  2. If advised by your surgeon, you should quit smoking at least a month prior to bra line back surgery as it will increase risks and complications as well as delays the healing process
  3. Refrain from taking non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications, aspirin, vitamins, or supplements before the surgery as it may increase the risk of bleeding.
  4. Women must wear a bra or bathing suit before the surgery as your surgeon will mark the areas where they plan to operate. These markings will highlight and outline the patient’s bra and all excess tissue that will be removed from your back.

Bra Line Back Surgery: The Procedure

Bra line back surgery typically lasts about an hour and the surgeon will use a general anesthesia. During surgery, the surgeon will cut along their markings across your back and will get rid of the fat rolls on your back. He or she will then re-attach the remaining skin. All scarring is hidden by a bathing suit or bra. Some of the risks of this surgery include reactions to anesthesia, infection, increased bleeding risks, and potentially death.

The benefits of bra line back surgery include improved physical appearance, immediate results, improved self-esteem, and scars that are hidden along the bra-line. Some of the highlighted benefits of bra line back surgery include:

  1. All scars are hidden
  2. High patient of satisfaction
  3. Short recovery time
  4. Lower rates of complications

After the surgery is complete there are several things to remember for aftercare procedures. You may need several surgical drains if swelling becomes imminent post-surgery. For women, they can wear any type of garment or bra within a week after the surgery; the best choice is a bra with a wide back strap to help reduce discomfort.

Research has shown that women are extremely satisfied with the results of the surgery. The procedure itself has been proven to be very safe. Post-surgery you should not lift heavy items, exercise, lift your arms any higher than your head, or flex from the thorax and waist to prevent complications. After approximately two weeks from the surgery, you may be cleared to begin exercising again presuming you are not experiencing pain. Do not get the surgical area wet by swimming, taking a bath, or getting into a hot tub. After surgery you will be able to take a shower.

While this surgery is somewhat rare, it has shown significant positive results in individuals who have gotten the surgery. Bra line back surgery will help get rid of excess flabby skin on your back and will make you feel good about yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.