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About National Bariatric Link


National Bariatric Link was created to help match you with the right Bariatric Surgeon where ever you are located. We strive to make the surgical weight loss process easy for the patients, by assisting patients with:

  • Locating a surgeon that takes your insurance
  • Scheduling patients for seminars and consult appointments
  • Assisting with Insurance requirements
  • Arranging psychological evaluations as required by insurance
  • Assisting in collecting documented weight loss program evaluation
  • Scheduled appointment reminders for patients

National Bariatric Link is your personal liaison between you and the hospital to make sure things go smoothly in a timely manner.

If you are a doctor or hospital, click here to get a more comprehensive look at our bariatric services.

Please feel free to contact us!
Phone 561-307-5636
Message from the President
Thomas Smith

On behalf of National Bariatric Link and the entire NBL community, I welcome you to the beginning of a new start in long-term weight loss. I also commend you in the effort and bravery to take the first steps towards a healthier future. 

Since 2006, National bariatric Link has been assisting thousands of bariatric patients realize their weight loss dreams.  Under the guidance of our surgical partners throughout the US, we are continuously looking at more innovative and safer means of bariatric surgery. A study based on National Inpatient Sample data found that the national annual rate of bariatric surgery increased nearly sixfold between 1990 and 2000 and the use of gastric bypass procedures increased more than ninefold during the same time period. In 2009 about 220,000 Americans underwent bariatric surgery. With us by your side, you are not alone in this fight against obesity. We are honored that you will allow National Bariatric Link to help you move forward on this journey.