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The Benefits of a Supervised Weight Loss Clinic

Supervised weight loss clinics are supervised by licensed physicians. Patients who decide to go through these types of clinics to lose weight will go through three phases in order to optimize their weight loss efforts.

Supervised weight loss programs are designed by licensed health experts in nutrition, medicine, motivation, fitness, and education. Patients have their weight loss plan prescribed to them by medical professionals and physicians based on their own personal weight loss goals, medical history, and current physical condition.

The groups of professionals that are involved with supervised weight loss clinics are experts in their field of study. They are experts at motivating you in a healthy way to ensure you are meeting your goals providing you with all the essential and critical health information in order to develop a weight loss plan that is attainable and healthy. They provide you with counseling and support through your weight loss journey and comfort you when you feel defeated. They provide you with advice, point you in the right direction, and help you achieve your weight loss goal while transitioning to living a healthy lifestyle.

The Three Phases of Your Weight Loss Journey

Most supervised weight loss clinics will expect that with your commitment to changing your lifestyle through your weight loss journey you are willing to work in phases. These phases of your journey begin with the basics and you are supported throughout each phase to make sure that you are where you need to be at.

Phase 1: Acute Weight Loss – Supervised weight loss programs begin with a consultation. During this consultation you can expect to have a full blood panel taken, a reading of your blood pressure, an EKG, BMI, tracking your weight, and an individualized meeting with a professional consultant to fully examine your personal goals for weight loss. After the initial consultation, a team of health professionals will meet with you weekly to develop, maintain, and motivate you in ways that will help you reach your weight loss goals and ideal weight as safely and as quickly as possible.

Phase 2: Short Term Maintenance – In this phase you have met your goal weight! Now it is time to maintain that weight. You will continue to have consultations on a weekly basis with health professionals at the supervised weight loss clinic. Usually the professional team that has been working with you in phase 1 will continue to work with you throughout your journey. They will provide you with specific assistance while you are slowly increasing how many calories you take in per day as well as increasing your energy to a comfortable level; they do this by teaching you techniques and tools to help you maintain your weight.

Phase 3: Wellness – Approximately 90% of all people who have used a weight loss program and has been successful tend to gain the weight back if they are not involved with some type of wellness program. With supervised weight loss clinics they include this in their program. A team of professionals will develop a wellness program with you and will continue to work with you to enhance this program. These professionals will continue to provide support as well as resources to assist you in continuing to lose weight or maintain weight as well as living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Overall supervised weight loss clinics provide many benefits to their patients. Each program is individualized to meet the needs of each person and includes consultations weekly on an individual basis; these consultations focus on lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise. The benefits of a supervised weight loss clinic are plentiful and proven. By using one of these clinics in your weight loss journey you can be sure that the program will help you decrease your hunger when losing weight, get rid of excess body fat quickly, improve health overall by following the individualized plan and eating right, boosts your energy level, gets rid of cravings, helps you learn how to burn fat faster, and makes your weight loss goals a reality for the long haul.