Pumpkin Roll Recipe won’t Sabotage Weight Loss

Before having Bariatric surgery, the beginning of October might have marked the onset of your fall baking season. Now is likely the time when those cookbooks are unearthed and you began to budget for longer grocery lists to bake and create all of your favorite fall dishes.

Enjoy this Pumpkin Roll Recipe without Remorse!

In some homes, certain dishes and baked goods are not only a family favorite, but a time honored family tradition. One recipe that is often considered traditional this time of year is the Pumpkin Roll. While there are a lot worse things you could be eating, the bread-like consistency could leave you feeling ill or suffering from ‘Dumping Syndrome’ due to the sugar content.

Don’t worry because, with the recipe below, you will be able to share a traditional pumpkin roll with family after Bariatric surgery. This recipe is fairly simple to make and offers very little remorse, and tastes so good you just might talk everyone into a newer, more healthy holiday tradition.

Bariatric Approved Pumpkin Roll Recipe

One cup almond meal
One tsp baking powder
Two tsp cinnamon
One tsp ginger
½ tsp nutmeg
½ tsp allspice
¼ tsp salt
One ½ tsp unflavored gelatin powder
¾ cup Splenda
One cup canned pumpkin
Four eggs
¼ cup canola oil
½ cup water
One eight oz pkg light cream cheese, softened
One tsp vanilla
¼ cup sugar-free maple syrup
Preheat your oven to 375° Fahrenheit and prepare your jelly roll pan with nonstick
spray. Next, line the pan with parchment and spray the top of the paper.

In a large mixing bowl, add all of the dry ingredients and mix them up well. Add pumpkin, oil, eggs and water before beating for three minutes before pouring into the prepared jelly roll pan.

Turn the oven temperature down to 350° Fahrenheit and bake for approximately
15 to 18 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into its center comes out clean. Be very careful not to over-bake.

Remove from oven and allow the roll to cool in the pan for about five minutes before covering it with a clean dish towel and flipping it upside down, carefully peeling away the parchment paper.

Next, gently roll the cake up inside the dish towel, beginning with a long side. This will create a cake roll that is long and thin. Allow to cool for 10 to 15 minutes.

Finally, blend the cream cheese, vanilla, and syrup together in another mixing bowl. Unroll the cake carefully, flattening it without too much force.

Spread the cream cheese filling mixture onto the cake and very gently roll it back up. Allow the pumpkin roll to cool completely inside the refrigerator until time to serve.

This Bariatric recipe should provide about 15 slices or servings. Each serving contains approximately 130 calories, four grams of protein and ten grams of fat.

Bariatric Recipe: Green Bean Casserole

You don’t have to give up all your favorite holiday recipes just because you have had weight loss surgery. You can easily put a healthy twist on many of the traditional fares by opting for low fat and low sugar versions of the ingredients instead.

Your Green Bean Casserole recipe can easily be adjusted to fit your new bariatric diet and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, this recipe can be made in one hour so you aren’t spending all your time in the kitchen.

Bariatric RecipeIngredients:

Two teaspoons of Olive Oil

One thinly Sliced Onion

1/4 cup of finely Chopped Onion

One pound of Fresh Green Beans, snapped and ready to cook

One Clove of Garlic, minced or finely chopped

One and 1/2 cups of Sliced Cremini Mushrooms

One teaspoon of Corn Starch

¼ cup of cold Water

One and ½ teaspoon of Dried Thyme

One and 1/2 cups Non-fat Milk

1/3 cup of fresh Whole Grain Bread Crumbs

Using a large skillet over medium-low heat, heat the oil on low and add sliced onions, stirring frequently. When onions are a golden color, transfer them to a plate and set aside.

In another pan, steam or boil the green beans for five minutes before plunging into a bowl of cold water to preserve the bright green hue. Drain and set the green beans aside.

Cook the minced or chopped onion for two or three minutes. Add the mushrooms and stir. Allow these to cook for approximately five more minutes. In a bowl, combine the corn starch and cold water and stir until dissolved. Add the vegetables and season with thyme.

Slowly stir in the non-fat milk and increase the temperature to medium, stirring constantly as the sauce begins to thicken. Add salt and ground black pepper to season. Spread the green beans in a casserole dish and pour the mushroom sauce over them. Top the casserole with onions and whole wheat bread crumbs.

Bariatric Recipe: Low Fat Gravy

Bariatric Recipe: Low Fat Gravy

Gravy is an essential addition for those who have had bariatric surgery and want to enjoy some holiday turkey or ham, as meats which are dry can make you feel as if you are choking. Here is an easy and low fat gravy recipe for your holiday table.

Thanksgiving Recipes


One can of Low Fat Cream of Mushroom Soup

One cup of Low Sodium, Fat-Free Broth, choose Beef or Chicken

½ cup of Fat-Free or Skim Milk

Rosemary, Thyme and Black Pepper to season

To make this low fat gravy, combine the first two ingredients in a small saucepan and heat on the medium setting. When the mixture begins to boil, lower the heat to simmer and add the milk, stirring with a whisk. Season and simmer for ten more minutes. Be sure to remove the Rosemary and Thyme before serving.