Thank you to all who read my previous blog.  I ended my last blog when I was age 27, 230+  pounds, type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I forgot to mention I was also diagnosed with sever depression, generalized panic disorder and polycystic ovarian syndrome due to my lack of  menstrual periods and growth of body hair.  I had also over the last 10+ years attemoted weight wtacher, nutrisystem, sputh beaxh diet and atkins to lose weight. None of which i stuck to mpre than 3 months and lost and gained maybe 15- 20 pounds.  Back to my lat post….

I decided to divorce my husband when I was 27 because we were just not on the same path. He was a great person, hard worker and wonderful provider and friend. Sadly there was just no longer any love for me.  Our divorce was almost emotionless for me but very emotional for. I immediately jumped into a “relationship” with someone who was his complete opposite. Always wanted to go out and have fun, constantly showing me affection and just had a zest for life. All things I had been missing for a very long time. He was very attentive to my health issues and got me motivated to move my  butt!  We played tennis, basketball, went for long walks and just spent a lot of time outside. Also he ate a much healthier diet and had a grip on portion control so I would always ask him to make our plates and I would eat the amounts he put on our plate which was always at least half as much as I would have put on!  Cutting down on portions and getting in some real movement and being generally happier lead to me shedding 50 pounds! I was feeling great physically over the next few months but unfortunately this relationship was far from healthy and I was seeing some tendencies I didn’t like and becoming less and less happy. I knew I needed to make a change. Before any change could be made I found out I was pregnant with my first child. It was an extremely trying time and things with the father and I got worse and I ended up moving an hour away and spending minimal time together. That fun outgoing personality with a zest for life was not so fun when you are pregnant and want to spend your time and money to prepare for a child rather than going out every weekend. Not to mention the affection I loved so much was being spread around to many people. During my pregnancy with my first son I gained 30 pounds. My diabetes was out of control and my eating was horrible. I only gained 8 pounds my first 6 months and 22 the last 3 months when I just lost all control of my emotional well being and the realization that I was going to be a single mom hit me and I had no coping skills other than stuffing my face! I delivered my son via emergency C-section (just hours after my 28th birthday) due to failure to progress and his heart rate dropping. My son was born with extremely low blood sugar and my blood sugar and blood pressure were so high I did not get to hold my son or see him for over 12 hours because I was in intensive care and not allowed out and he was not allowed to leave the nursery because of his constant low blood sugar caused by my uncontrolled diabetes. I was able to leave the hospital 3 days later but he had to stay another day because my high blood sugars throughout pregnancy had also caused him to have some heart problem. Luckily by day 4 he was stable and I got to take him home. I am proud to say 7 years later he is a happy, healthy, thriving boy! I lost 22 of the 30 pounds gained right after his birth but began gaining weight back within a month as I had a serious cause of baby blues, plus I was stressed and again lacking coping skills for my emotions and turned to food to deal. Food was always there for me, it never let me down. I could eat it when I wanted and as much as I wanted and no one told me otherwise. Well my doctors did but in my eyes they didn’t count.  I was addicted to food. I felt like everyone always left me and I could not control them staying but I could control food…although in reality it was controlling me.  I have more to right but again I know this is getting long. I promise this back story will not last forever. One more blog. And then it’s on to my story of getting RNY gastric bypass!

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