I left off on my last blog having had my first born and a miserable, emotional wreck stuffing their emotions with food.  After all that I met a wonderful man who I went on to have two more children with. Between my second and third child I looked into bariatric surgeon and quickly found out I did not qualify per my insurance rules. I was extremely  discouraged and frustrated as I felt it was so obvious how badly I needed bariatric surgery.  I sulked for a few months, packing on more pounds and then one day just decided to give weight loss on my own another try. This time I actually worked out, I bought the 3p day shred DVD and counted my calories using an app on my phone. I lost 25 pounds in 3 months and was feeling great and motivated. Then things came to a halt when my grandmother was hospitalized and diagnosed with cancer that was stage 4. Her doctors agreed the cancer was to far spread that not only could they not operate but chemo and radiation were pointleas. We were told she would live less than 6 months and to enjoy the time we had. That was June 1 I got than info. June 2 I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child. The stress of my grandma dying and pregnancy I packed on 70 pounds. On delivery day I weighed in at 251 pounds. I was disgusted with my weight and my health was suffering even more. My back was a wreck, I had 2 ba,k surgeries for herniated disc 1 year after 3rd kids birth. Being bed bound led to more weight gain. Life got a little better, I managed kids and work and was feeling ok with all my health issues.  September of 2012, less than 1 year aftershad new insurance again I waa gas I had new insurance and decided I would try to grt  bariatTo my delight my new insurance e did cover bariatric surgerydeem long as it was deemed medically necessary. I made an appointment with my primary doctor for the next week and discussed my wishes. I was very nervous to mention the idea for fear of being shot down and told to just eat less and exercise more. This was NOT the case. My primary was all for me getting Bariatric surgerto save my life! He Told me he had only had 1 patient before me go through the process with me and it took a lot of work and testing to get the insurance to agree and asked if I was really ready to do the work. I WAS! He sent me that day for blood work and ordered a sleep study. I was officially on my journey to getting RNY gastric bypass.

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