Bariatric Diet Leads to Better Sleep

After weight loss surgery, it is important to take care of every aspect of your health and follow a well-balanced diet. Many daily habits, such as sleep habits, can have a large impact on your weight loss journey. In addition, your dinner choices may be affecting how long and comfortably you sleep at night.

Lose more weight with Sleep

Researchers from Brazil recently conducted a sleep lab and the results suggested a diet high in fats may be as unhealthy for your resting habits as it is for your waist. Further studies suggest that the higher your intake of fat during the day, the more likely you are to do the following:

  • Toss and turn all night
  • Wake up frequently
  • Exhibit abnormal breathing patterns while sleeping
  • Spend less time in REM, the deep sleep state when dreaming occurs.

Additionally, the rapid eye movement that occurs in deep sleep, also referred to simply as REM, is vitally important. This is the time when your body tries to heal, regenerate, and restore itself from the outside stresses of the day.

Research is also showing the last meal of the day to be the most important one when considering the issue of sleep. How well you sleep can also have an impact on weight loss. Scientists studied the fat content of each meal eaten throughout the day and found that a high fat dinner in the evening was far more likely to cause sleep issues and disruptions than any other.

A good night’s sleep with adequate REM time is vital for physical and mental health while a lack of REM sleep can often to blamed when feeling fatigued the next day. This can create a setback and spur other minor complications including a general lack of motivation, an increased appetite and possible weight gain.

A Good Night’s Sleep can Affect Weight Loss

A good night of sleep – at least seven hours – is an essential aspect of good health. Sleeping well means you will be better prepared for a productive and energized day. After weight loss surgery, good sleep habits can be an important goal on your journey to good health. It is important to eliminate any negative habits that could be harmful to your health.

Your Bariatric diet is already low in fat and sugar, consisting mainly of fresh produce, lean protein and dietary fiber due to the stomach’s limited capacity. If you do decide to indulgent, be sure to limit your overall intake and consume these foods several hours before deciding to go to sleep. You do not want to sabotage yourself while on your weight loss journey.

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