There are many sources of support and inspiration for those who plan to embark on their weight loss journey such as Bariatric groups, clubs and social media platforms, to name a few. There is another excellent source for support and inspiration online: YouTube. Would you have ever guessed?

YouTube Channels that Inspire and Educate

If you have been contemplating your options for weight loss and considering Bariatric surgery, you have probably scoured the internet for information. You might have searched Facebook and Twitter for groups or forums that provide the inspiring weight loss stories of real people. One of the best sources for detailed information is YouTube.

Speaking from experience, there are many Bariatric patients who have and are currently keeping video journals on YouTube , sharing their week by week or month by month progress. These people are quite candid, sharing weight gains and losses and talking about the highs and lows that follow weight loss surgery. You will easily become addicted to these channels and find a connection with these ladies.

Here are some personal favorites that are sure to inspire you and help you make important decisions regarding your own Bariatric journey. If you don’t have a personal YouTube account, you will want to sign up for a channel and follow these weight loss role models.

Follow the Weight Loss Surgery Leaders on YouTube

Shelley and the Band

Shelley underwent Bariatric surgery, opting for the Lap Band approach to weight loss. She started her Pre-Op diet on December 13th of 2012 and had weight loss surgery on December 27th of 2012. Her starting weight was 283.3 pounds and you can follow her as she sheds the pounds, laughs and cries, purchases new clothes and learns to add exercise to her daily regime. She shares tips and tips to help make the weight loss journey a little easier and talks about the Bariatric diet, including which foods she eats and avoids. Shelley is an inspiration to anyone who desires to lose weight and take charge of their life.

Billie’s Journey

Billie and her physician chose the Gastric Sleeve when she began her weight loss journey.  She covers everything from symptoms and pain to regrets and goals, making her story an excellent one to follow if you are thinking about or have had weight loss surgery. Billie had numerous obstacles including hypertension and PCOS which was primarily caused by her obesity, requiring her to take medication on a daily basis. She remained on her medications for one month after surgery and has not taken any since, enjoying a normal range blood pressure. Her YouTube story begins at approximately 446 pounds and her first video is recorded and shared three days post-op, on November 11th of 2013.

Heather K

Heather and her Bariatric doctor chose the Lap Band with Plication when it was time for her weight loss journey to begin in early December of 2012. Her very first video is posted just one and one half weeks before her surgery date, giving followers an opportunity to learn about pre-op procedures as well as the pre-op diet, when Bariatric patients usually lose a significant amount of weight.  35 year old Heather talks about her family’s views on Bariatric surgery and the reasons she opted for weight loss surgery. She was 260 pounds prior to considering weight loss surgery and was approximately 230 pounds when she began her Bariatric journey.


Located in the UK, Jussy talks about her starting weight of 232 pounds and her goal weight of 130 pounds, which she hopes to reach with the Lap Band surgery.  Like other Bariatric patients, Jussy speaks about her hopes and fears in relation to the Bariatric procedure. As of the date of this publication, she has uploaded one hundred weeks of weight loss updates to share with others who are considering this same journey, sharing her current weight of 182 pounds and counting.

Finding Your Muse on YouTube

Depending on which weight loss surgery you and your doctor decide upon, you will easily find support on this popular platform. The voices of those who have undergone these surgeries will prepare you for the days, months and years ahead like no other research will do. Remember that, while these women speak from experience, everyone who undergoes weight loss surgery will see different symptoms and results. If you have any concerns, you should make a note and discuss them with your Bariatric doctor.

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