Setting Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss surgery is a life changing step and an advancement toward a newer and healthier you. Undergoing weight loss surgery is a huge step that means that you have decided to make a lifelong commitment to your health and happiness. To achieve success in your weight loss journey,many lifestyle changes are inevitable.

Some of these changes will depend largely upon the type of weight loss surgery that you choose, while others will be part of your conscious decision to improve your lifestyle and your health.


Changes Necessary for Weight Loss

Not sure how to make the necessary changes in your life? Don’t worry. This is a question every Bariatric patient must ask him or her self at some point. One way to set these changes in motion is through the process of setting goals and striving to reach them. It is difficult to remain focused without something to strive for.

Avoid falling back into those old patterns and behaviors and allowing yourself to sabotage your own efforts and hard work. Having a weight loss plan with an end goal requires visualizing the result that you desire, within a reasonable time-frame.


Choose Your Weight Loss Surgery  Goals

Changes to Your Diet:

While weight loss surgery does limit the amount of food that can be eaten, it is still up to you to choose the right foods. Choose only the foods which are beneficial to the body while avoiding foods that are not healthy.
Implement Physical Exercise and Activities:

Maximize your weight loss potential by creating and following an exercise routine that can be incorporated into daily activities. Choose those activities that you enjoy and keep a record to look back on as you work toward your goal.
Culling the Bad Habits: 

Now is the time to say goodbye to alcohol and cigarettes, if at all possible. It is vitally important to strive for optimum mental and physical health. If you smoke and/or drink, consider quitting now to experience better overall health. Speak to your doctor about helpful options available to those who are trying to kick the habit.

Mental changes:

Those who have suffered with obesity over long periods of time will likely struggle with negative confidence levels and low self-esteem issues. After weight loss surgery, set goals to think positively and stay motivated for emotional health. Setting goals may sound easy but it can be quite difficult to change one’s way of thinking. For optimum results, consider the list of tips given below.


Set specific goals.

Write your goals down.

Focus on only one goal at a time.

Set realistic goals. 

Decide on a reasonable time-frame.

When deciding on the changes needed for weight loss, it is important to set realistic goals. Avoid being too hard on yourself because weight loss is a journey that takes time. Don’t expect instant gratification after weight loss surgery. Remembering this bit of advice will help you achieve the ultimate success.

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