For some women (and men) it may be one of the scariest thoughts that you go through gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgeryhair loss after bariatric surgery to lose weight and end up losing your hair!  It is common to lose hair after bariatric surgery.  Hair loss can occur in 40% of patients.

Hair loss happens everyday; it is part of a natural growth cycle.  Of course, external factors may affect the rate of hair loss, these include; genetics, stress, environment and diet.


Causes of Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery


Changes in Diet

Hair loss after bariatric surgery is normally caused by the reduction in vitamin and nutritional intake. You may have protein and iron deficiencies in your new diet because of the weight loss surgery.


Changes in Hormones

Hormones levels change post-bariatric surgery; these changes can cause the normal hair growth cycle to be altered. During your weight loss your body is trying to find a new hormonal balance and once you achieve your weight loss goal and your weight stabilizes, so will your hormones.


Trauma of Surgical procedure

If you experience the hair loss right away post-bariatric surgery, the cause may be the surgery event in itself.  The physiological stress from the surgery may cause a temporary disturbance to the body that can cause hair loss.


Preventing Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery


The best defense to bariatric surgery hair loss is a good offence.  Start with a well-planned post-surgical diet that your bariatric surgeon has given you. You will need to make sure that you get the right balance of vitamins and nutrient levels for your body and activity levels. After your bariatric surgery you may see some hair loss, but this should decline after the first six months.


Treatment for Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery


 4 Tips for Preventing Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

  1. Take the recommended Vitamins and Minerals on a daily Basis
  2. Eat You Protein!  Protein is the building blocks of all cells in your body.  Your hair requires protein to grow strong and healthy
  3. Have your Iron Levels Checked: This is important if you are past 6 months post op and you are still losing lots of hair
  4. Extra Zinc. If you are one-year post op and are still having issues with hair loss, adding Zinc may be able to reverse hair loss issues in bariatric surgery patients.

It is also important to understand that Stress related hair loss can only be cured by reducing your stress.

By following these tips for hair loss after bariatric surgery you will end up with beautiful shiny strong hair and a rocking body to boot!


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