Choosing to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery requires long-term lifestyle changes, including alcohol consumption. You may want alcohol after gastric sleeve surgeryto celebrate loosing weight.  The big question is, can you have alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery?  The answer is controversial.  Some physicians say ‘yes’ if done in moderation and slowly.  Other physicians say ‘no’, do not drink alcohol at all.  Talk to your physician to see how they feel about drinking after Gastric Sleeve Surgery.


Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Here are some of the many reasons that physicians are on the fence about drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery.

  • Alcohol is very high in calories but has no nutritional values.  There is some evidence that red wine does have some health benefits.  On a post-weight gastric sleeve surgery diet you want to avoid consuming empty calories which your body will absorb.  Drinking alcohol can cause you to gain weight, not lose it.
  • It can be dangerous as a person who had weight loss surgery can become more intoxicated.  They have a higher blood alcohol count.  They also took longer to become sober.
  • Drinking alcohol can become habit-forming.  Being post-surgery your sensitivity can be heightened causing you to become addicted to alcohol.
  • Your metabolism is altered after gastric sleeve surgery.  This means that your blood alcohol levels will peak higher.  Your blood alcohol levels will also take longer to return to normal levels.
  • After surgery you need to eat so many calories.  For some if they drink alcohol they will eat less food.
  • Consuming alcohol can deplete the sugar in your body, causing your blood sugar levels to drop.  This can lead to patients who have had weight loss surgery to develop low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia.  This is a very dangerous condition.
  • They could have addiction transfer.  If the person was addicted to food and now has to reduce how much food they consume they could start a new addiction.  This could be addition to alcohol, shopping, gambling, etc.


Guideline for Drinking After Gastric Sleeve

 If your physician gives you permission to drink alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery here are some simple guidelines you should follow.

  • For the first six months after having surgery avoid alcohol
  • Avoid sugary drink mixers and carbonated beverages
  • Remember even small amounts can cause low blood sugars.  Small amounts can even cause intoxication.
  • Drink only with meals to help slow alcohol absorption
  • Check calorie content of the alcohol


In Conclusion

If you have any questions about gastric sleeve surgery and alcohol talk to your physician.  Remember that you had surgery to loose weight, not gain it.  The empty calories from alcohol can put on a few pounds.  If you are a diabetic it can also cause low sugar, which can be dangerous.  After reading all the effects alcohol can have on a person who has had gastric sleeve surgery, it would be advisable not to drink alcohol.

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