As the New Year approaches, individuals who have already undergone weight loss surgery may need a little help in choosing some great resolutions to follow. This is likely due to the fact that these people have already made the decision to change their lives and take control of their bodies.


Take Small Steps After Bariatric Surgery

Most New Year’s resolutions are forgotten within a week or two, no matter how gung ho people are about the change. This is largely because people set goals that are life-changing and unrealistic. Instead of setting these types of resolutions, look for small ways to create new habits that will help bring about the changes you need.

By setting small and realistic resolutions, you will avoid the disappointment (and that all-around rotten feeling) caused by failure. As you successfully master the weeks ahead, your resolutions will soon become habits, bringing about the changes you desire most of all.

New Year’s Resolutions after Weight Loss Surgery

Thanks to your choice to have Bariatric surgery, you are already losing weight and starting to feel better about yourself.  Now, new habits are needed to help you meet or surpass your weight loss goals for the New Year, which can be formed in as little as 21 days.

This means that, in less than one month, the resolutions you choose now will have become a habit. To help keep you focused on weight loss in the New Year, here are some great resolutions for Bariatric patients to choose from. Whether you adapt one or ten of the following resolutions, you are sure to gain ground in your war on excess weight.


#5 – Visit the Scale Every Week 

You get busy; you forget to weigh, and while no one is looking, those pounds you lost last week have found their way back to your hips. Beef up the security to prevent those pounds from getting past you, weighing at least once weekly, if not more.

#4 – Park as Far From the Door as Possible

With work, after school activities and family, there isn’t always time for a walk or run. You may not have time for a gym membership. However, you can make a decision to never park near the entrance of a store again. To get the most benefit from this new resolution, walk fast and swing your arms.

#3 – Maintain Weekly Support

Support is key to your success. At least once per week, allow yourself to benefit from an hour of support from other Bariatric patients.  Attend a meeting or follow a vlog or blog, reading and leaving comments. Join a forum and enjoy informal conversations with others making the same life-changing decisions as yourself. If you are lucky enough to have a Bariatric friend, have lunch or take a walk together on a weekly basis.

#2 – Remember those Vitamins and Supplements

After weight loss surgery, vitamins and supplements are an important part of your diet. Feel better and treat your body right by taking these much needed nutrients every day, without fail. Keep them in a place that you will pass by every morning as you get ready for work or school.

#1 – Share Your Story with Someone

Knowing that people are watching and depending on you will have a great effect on your level of success after weight loss surgery. Entrust your secret with a best friend, or share your story with the world using a blog or vlog. Not only will you benefit from the support, but you will also be able to offer support to those who really need it.

What are some other small New Year’s resolutions for people with Bariatric surgery behind them?

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