Bariatric surgery is an expensive procedure. So in case you do not have a medical medical financing gastric bypass gastric sleeve lap bandinsurance, or your insurer refuses to cover your surgery costs, you may feel discouraged. You may even think about retreating or postponing your surgery.

However, there is no reason to panic. Because, even without the support of your insurance provider, it is totally possible to get your surgery done without breaking your financial backbone!

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Why take the leap?

We will talk about where to find financial help in a moment, but first let us see why undergoing bariatric surgery is a good idea even when money is tight:

Bariatric surgery assures cheaper future

Nearly all patients who undergo bariatric surgery report decline in their expenses after about 13 months of surgery. In fact, data suggests that obese people spend nearly 900 dollars more every month compared to those who had the surgery done.

Bariatric surgery lengthens life

Since a huge number of health problems disappear after bariatric surgery is done, quality of life improves by a large margin. And hence, a longer life is almost guaranteed!

Bariatric surgery improves professional life

Obese people are often discriminated against by peers and colleagues at work. It may sound harsh, but many obese people get lesser salaries than they deserve just because they are obese. So once bariatric surgery is out of the way, others are likely to treat a person in a nicer and more respectful way.


What kinds of financial help exist for bariatric surgery?

Now that you know why bariatric surgery is worth embracing, let us consider the ways in which you can finance the procedure:

Secured medical loans

Obtaining a secured loan from any reputed credit union or bank is a good idea in case you own a house that has about 10 to 20 percent of built up equity. However, keep in mind that this option requires collateral on your part. Also, since the process of obtaining a secured loan is a bit complex, most people prefer to obtain unsecured loan as long as the loan amount does not exceed $15,000.

Unsecured medical loans

If you have no intention of providing collateral, then getting an unsecured loan is your best bet. The problem in this case is that since there is no collateral involved, the interest rate is going to be higher than that of secured loans. Other than that, having a good credit score is crucial if your aim is to successfully receive an unsecured loan. For more details, you can contact brokers, lenders and credit card companies who provide unsecured loans in your area.

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