Interesting Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Facts

Interesting Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Facts


If you are like many who are considering weight loss surgery, you have spent a significant amount of time researching the topic across several sites and search engines. New information can be found daily, making the task a bit daunting.


Choosing Bariatric Surgery can help an individual achieve long lasting weight loss and a new outlook on life. Patients can lead happier, healthier lives if they have all the facts needed to make a step toward positive change.


You are fairly certain that you know all about obesity and bariatric surgery. Just in case your research skipped over some interesting facts, here is a small compilation of important information to help you decide whether weight loss surgery is right for you.


Obesity Facts


Today, approximately fifteen million Americans are battling life threatening obesity. In 1990, less than fifteen percent of Americans were overweight.


Obesity is commonly defined as being one hundred pounds over your ideal body weight. This is the equivalent of a BMI (body mass index) that is greater than 40.


As of today, the United States is the most obese nation in the entire world. Twenty-five percent of this country’s children are overweight.


Patients who are obese will die approximately twelve to fifteen years earlier than those who maintain a normal weight.


Those who suffer with life threatening obesity have many other medical conditions that will affect almost every organ and system in their bodies. Some of these conditions include: Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, Type II Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Depression, Arthritis, and Cardiac Disease.


Bariatric Surgery Facts


For most, Bariatric Surgery is a cure for the life-threatening condition of obesity.


Patients opt for Bariatric Surgery because they want to live longer, healthier happier lives.


While Bariatric Surgery is a powerful weight loss tool for the obese. However, it is not cosmetic surgery.


Bariatric patients are most successful when they participate in a comprehensive program, one that provides follow-up appointments, support from a dietician, support groups (in persona and online), and assistance from exercise and fitness specialists.


Bariatric surgery requires a conscious effort to make a major commitment to changing their diet and behaviour regarding exercise.


When considering the risks of life threatening obesity, the risks of bariatric surgery are minute in comparison.


Only five percent of patients have shown long term positive results after Bariatric Surgery from diet and exercise alone. However, Bariatric Surgery gives patients long term weight loss results.


Many who undergo weight loss surgery have found that as they became more fit and healthy, other medical conditions lessened, or disappeared entirely.


After weight loss surgery, patients enjoyed reduced costs in healthcare and became more productive at work or school.


With Bariatric Surgery, you write the story of your life, as you are in control. What other changes did you experience? After Weight Loss Surgery, besides weight, what will change about you most? Your comments are welcome below.