How to Make the Perfect Bariatric Smoothie

Bariatric Smoothies are Great for Post Op Diets

For the first few weeks after surgery, it is vitally important to follow your post op instructions, beginning with the approved liquids. Your doctor has stressed the importance of a diet extremely rich in protein which is a necessity for Bariatric patients. There are many protein shakes and drinks as well as hot cereals and soups but eventually, your body may become bored with these choices, leaving you to look for new ways to add protein to your heavily restricted diet.

One way to curb the cravings is by drinking Bariatric smoothies, which is simply smoothies approved by your doctor or nutritionist. Another great benefit of these smoothies is the reduced cost associated with making your own drinks rather than purchasing those which are already made. You already know what your body needs so all you need is a really good formula to create a plethora of variations your taste buds will love.

what to add to bariatric shake

Discover Whey Protein Powder

You will need to familiarize yourself with whey protein powder if you have not already. By adding whey protein powder to this Bariatric smoothie formula, your protein intake will be more than satisfactory. Here are the instructions needed for a healthy variety and adequate protein intake. By choosing one item from each category, you can make the perfect Bariatric smoothie every time.

Your kitchen should be equipped with a blender, food processor, Ninja or other small appliance to make the Bariatric smoothie. Using the formula below, blend your chosen ingredients in the blender until smooth. It is important to remember that this recipe will yield approximately ten ounces per serving. Be sure to sip the Bariatric smoothie slowly, as you will probably only drink about half of the formula at a time. Cover any unused Bariatric smoothie leftovers and store it in the refrigerator, opting to drink or toss the rest within the next twenty-four hours.


Categories for the Best Bariatric Smoothie Recipe

Whey Protein Powder: 

Add one serving of your protein powder, using the measuring scoop usually provided by the manufacturer.


Your Favorite Fruit:

Choose one-half cup of any fruit you like, whether it is fresh, sugar-free frozen, or canned fruit that has been packaged in its own juice. Avoid fruit packed in High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Note that frozen fruit delivers the best Bariatric smoothie while fresh or canned fruit will require a little ice.


Your Protein Base:

Choose an eight ounce glass of skim milk or soy milk. Next, add one of these products from the following list for your protein base: one-third cup of skim milk powder, six ounces of sugar free and fat free yogurt, one-half cup of ricotta or cottage cheese, one-third cup of silken tofu, or two tablespoons of smooth nut butter.


Adding Spice:

You can add one-eighth of a teaspoon of any spice, or combination of spices, to your Bariatric smoothie to heighten the flavor.


Need Sweetener?

If you don’t, that’s great. If a sweeter taste is required, opt for Nutrasweet or Splenda.


A Dose of Fiber:

Constipation can be an issue to Bariatric patients. Opt for one or two teaspoons of Benefiber or other fiber supplement to your shake for even more health benefits.


There are no special instructions and you won’t have to make a new grocery list every time you want to make some smoothies. Your palate will enjoy the endless combinations as you get creative in the kitchen, embracing your new diet and healthy lifestyle.