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You can breathe a sigh of relief because Halloween is finally over, but what about all the candy your children collected? It can be very tempting to eat a piece of candy or chocolate when it’s lying around. In fact, you might accidentally eat a piece out of habit before remembering that you’ve sworn off. This may not seem like much of a slip up, but one fun sized candy bar can hold as many as 210 calories.

Is your Child’s Trick or Treat Candy Haul Tempting You?

If your neighborhood is like most, your children came home with an impressive haul of candy. There is a good chance all that candy is going to tempt you into having ‘just one’. While the kids aren’t about to let you throw it all away, here are some ideas to help you manage the candy supply in your home after October 31st. Some of these tips could also help you show your child how to use moderation for good health.

#1 – As soon as you return home from trick-or-treating, gather the children to the table and inspect all of the candy. Next, allow the kids to choose a handful of candies to keep and give the rest away.

#2 – Your child’s dental clinic may have a program for donating Halloween candy, allowing you to remove temptation from your home.

#3 – Another place where you can share your child’s candy wealth is at church, school or work. Co-workers and faculty members might appreciate the gesture.

#4 – Another option to consider, especially if your child has an insatiable sweet tooth, is storing Halloween candy in the freezer. Your children will eat the candy at a much slower pace, one or two at a time.

#5 – Circle a date on the calendar. This is the day your home will once again become a candy free zone.

Candy and the Bariatric Patient

The bottom line is simple: candy offers only empty calories and too much sugar for those who have undergone weight loss surgery. After Bariatric surgery, your body needs nutrients and lots of them. Instead of filling up on nonsense that will leave you hungry for more, find healthy ‘treats’ that will curb your yen for something sweet.


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