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Weight Loss Surgery in Missouri

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Does your Insurance cover the cost of Weight Loss Surgery

Most insurance policies cover the cost of bariatric surgery. Though, some policies may have written exclusions that prohibits the coverage of weight loss surgery. To find out if your insurance will pay for bariatric surgery, you can call your insurance company and speak with their representative. Click Here for what to ask your insurance company.

Our bariatric coordinator can also contact your insurance provider and may get more detailed information. Please complete the Insurance Verification form.


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1. How do I Begin? Pre-Qualification

The first step is to determine if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery in Missouri. The National Institute of Health has set forth guidelines to determine who is an appropriate candidate for weight loss surgery. Your insurance company and your surgeon will abide by these guidelines. Therefore, before spending anymore time or energy on narrowing down your options, weighing the costs or anything else, pre-qualification is an essential first step.


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2. How do I Find the Best Missouri Weight Loss Surgery Clinic?

With at least a dozen different options for weight loss surgery in Missouri, you need to find the right surgeon and clinic for you. Keep in mind that not all of them specialize in absolutely every weight loss procedure. Finding the best clinic for bariatric surgery in Missouri therefore depends on your needs and preferences. What is best for you and your body, and of course, your wallet as well?


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We have trained weight loss counselors and coordinators who can help guide you through your entire journey for weight loss surgery, at absolutely no cost to you! We can provide information about procedures offered in your area and suitable for you, help you find the perfect weight loss surgeon or clinic in Missouri, assist with insurance or financing if needed, and provide you with all of the information and details you need.


3. What are the Costs of Bariatric Surgery Procedures in Missouri?

Check to see if your insurance covers:


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Gastric Bypass in Missouri


Lap Band Surgery in Missouri

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Missouri

The financial costs involved with weight loss surgery in MO depends on several factors such as the facility chosen to perform the procedure, your eligibility for insurance coverage, and the type of insurance you have, and much more.

Also keep in mind that you have to consider the secondary and associated costs of the bariatric surgery procedure from beginning to end. This includes pre-operative tests, hospital charges, surgeon fees, and associated surgery fees. Additional costs can include nutritional counseling, follow-up care, psychological support and any follow-up medical appointments.