Sedimentary Lifestyle Change after Weight Loss Surgery

If you are trying to lose weight, a sedentary lifestyle will not achieve the results you desire – even if you have had weight loss surgery. Most Americans sit still for far too many hours each day which is very unhealthy. Many Americans are stuck working at a desk job for approximately forty hours per week. We move from bed to car to work to car and then from car to couch to bed. Very rarely does the average person get any real exercise from a normal day’s activities. Yet we complain of exhaustion… from all that sitting.

After having weight loss surgery, it will most likely be necessary to make some changes regarding the amount of time you spend sitting still. While it is not likely that you will be able to trade your desk job for one that is more physically demanding, there are some ways to move around while working that will help your body burn calories and feel better. As you begin building new energy levels, even just five minutes twice daily can make a difference.

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Finding Opportunities

Incidental activity is simply movement that can be done without veering from your regular routine. You can create incidental activity while sitting at your desk by fidgeting in your seat. While it is not the same level of exercise as going to the gym, many Bariatric patients have spent an increased number of calories while adjusting to their new lifestyle, thanks to this physical activity.

Weight loss surgery patients can build up their incidental activity levels each day by taking the stairs rather than an elevator or walking over to a co-worker’s cubicle rather than sending an instant message. Other, less strenuous options include tapping your foot to music or fidgeting in your chair as you type. By altering your routine with incidental activity, you burn more calories and build a slightly healthier lifestyle.


Fidgeting is Easy: Here’s How!

  • Listen to music and dance a little in your chair or at your desk.
  • Tap your foot to enjoy the beat of your favorite song as you type, bounce or kick your legs.
  • Stand up to stretch your arms at least once each hour while sitting. Make this a routine.
  • With each changing hour, stand up, stretch, drink some water, and move around to remain hydrated and moving.
  • Stand up and move around while talking on the phone. If you can’t stand while on the phone, move your fingers or swing your feet while seated in your chair.

After weight loss surgery, going to the gym may not be an option yet. However, as your body recovers, time to adjust becomes needed. Fidgeting is not meant to replace a moderate exercise routine, but it can help you burn calories during those moments when otherwise, you would be stuck sitting still.


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