Weight loss surgery is not a quick and easy fix as some might think, but rather a constant reconditioning of your life, and that includes your approach to exercise. It isn’t too difficult to get yourself up and moving when its warm and sunny, but depending on where you live, you may find yourself feeling reluctant to leave the house once the fall season has rolled around.

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Fitness Tips to Beat the Fall Blues

Another reason fall can be a difficult time of year is due to the many upcoming food and candy focused holidays. Additionally, when you feel a bit trapped indoors, it is easy to make bad choices out of habit or convenience. Here are some fall fitness tips to help you lose weight and feel better about the person you are slowly and steadily becoming making the choice to have Bariatric surgery.

How to Get Fit for a Healthy Fall Holiday Season

#1 – You and your Bariatric doctor has already determined what your goal weight should be, but it is also important to set small weight loss goals such as one or two pounds per week, especially with the upcoming holidays.

#2 – Keep a food and exercise journal to mark your progress. Research shows that weight loss patients see much better results when keeping track of what is being eaten and how many calories are burned.

#3 – If you are like most who have undergone Bariatric surgery, you probably have a pair of jeans or a little black dress you are working your best to get into. Don’t hide these items in a drawer or hanging in a closet. Instead, put these goal items where you will see them several times a day.

#4 – Make an effort to go bicycle riding or walking two to four hours per week. Not only will your body appreciate the fresh air, but your goal weight will be that much closer.

#5 – Rid your pantry of any and all food items that are not agreeable with your Bariatric diet by donating them to the local mission or food pantry. Getting rid of the temptation will also cleanse your life.

#6 – Keep numerous protein rich choices in your pantry and refrigerator rather than the traditional fall sweets and sugary candies around your home, opting instead for yogurts, tuna, chicken and other healthful options.

#7 – Replace your candy dish with a bowl of vegetables kept inside the refrigerator, allowing you to snack on carrot sticks, celery and other convenient finger foods.

#8 – Get your family on board for the extra support and make some changes they will also benefit from as well. Purchase skim or fat free milk instead of whole milk and replace regular products with reduced fat or fat free options.

#9 – Stop consuming liquid calories! Announce that your home is a soda free zone and keep bottled water on hand. By drinking bottled water, you can keep track of your intake and help flush away unwanted fat cells. Switch up the flavors with lemon, cucumber or mint.

#10 –  While you are probably used to dining with plates, it is recommended that you downsize to smaller plates, bowls and saucers. This will keep you from dishing out more than what you need, helping you eat slower and smaller helpings.



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