It’s very difficult to purchase clothing when you are overweight. Sure, finding the right size is a struggle in itself, but there’s also a tug of war going on inside your mind as you shop too. Should I buy this now, or wait and try to lose a few pounds? I don’t want to buy any more clothes until I lose some weight. If I buy this dress and then lose weight, I’ve wasted my money.

Facing Bariatric Problems Head On

 It’s a pitfall that many obese and overweight people face, as if purchasing the garment will somehow lock them into that particular size. However, a lack of well-fitting clothes hanging in your closet, or the failure to buy something new and attractive for yourself, can be a real downer. It would be nice to say these issues will go away after weight loss surgery, but the truth is they don’t.

Beat the Wardrobe Blues after Bariatric Surgery

bariatric clothes

After weight loss surgery, you will slowly but surely begin to see some results. For some, each size will linger while for others, they will practically fly by, depending on your lifestyle and exercise habits as well as your metabolism.

Regardless of how fast or slowly you lose, you will find that buying new clothes is an important and emotional milestone in your weight-loss journey. For this reason, it is difficult to advise you on where to shop and how much to spend as you embark on a successful weight loss journey.

Instead, here are some words of advice from other Bariatric surgery patients to help you get more bang for your buck as you revamp and eventually replace your ‘big clothes’ with a wardrobe you’ll love.

Frequent Goodwill for Name Brand Deals

Goodwill is a great place to find name brand clothing at a ridiculously cheap price, and has been a godsend for many weight loss patients who must wear career clothes throughout the weight loss journey. If your employer has a dress code that requires business attire, this is an excellent place to shop.

Don’t Avoid the Clearance Racks

Most major department stores and big chain retailers are always adding great articles of clothing on the discount racks. You can even find undergarments and shapewear at a reduced price if you keep a close eye on these bargain racks. Typically, prices are marked down considerably but it is also common to enjoy an additional discount when the salesperson rings up your clearance items.

Shop Online with eBay …Carefully

There are an endless amount of great deals to be found on eBay, allowing you to save money on new-to-you clothing and accessories without ever leaving your home. If you shop on eBay for clothing after your weight loss journey, here is one important piece of advice: purchase the brands you love and wear often. This will help prevent the purchase of something you’ll never wear.

Accept Those Hand-Me-Downs Graciously

Supporters of your weight loss journey will be excited for you, and will likely offer to give you clothing that they no longer wear. Regardless of the size, accept these offerings graciously as you might be pleasantly surprised. Your next favorite pair of jeans could be just around the corner.

Rewarding Yourself after Bariatric Surgery

As you begin to lose weight, you will be able to shop at stores that never carried your size before. You will also be able to rock the trendy styles instead of avoid them. So what if you’ll only be able to wear that new ensemble a couple of months?

You have earned the right to wear something that you truly love and look good in, something that makes you feel both beautiful and amazing. So celebrate the milestones and don’t be afraid to splurge …at least occasionally. It’ll be great for your morale and you can always sell your ill-fitting garments later.

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