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The Top 7 Advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery

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The Top 7 Advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery

One of the leading health problems in the U.S. is obesity, despite a wide range of nationwide diet and fitness programs formulated by expert nutritionists and dietitians, not to mention the ongoing shower of media attention that the topic has merited.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 72 million American adults are obese, a shocking figure that just continues to increase, no matter what attempts are taken to stop it. No matter how stern the warnings, people in the U.S. continue to follow poor eating habits and take medications that cause weight gain – two of the leading causes of this alarming epidemic.

Obesity is known to cause a number of serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and hyperthyroidism. For many people who are obese and have unsuccessfully tried to get rid of their excess weight through diet and exercise, the last resort is bariatric, or weight loss surgery.

Bariatric procedures and gastric bypass surgery are praised not only for their ability to change eating habits and overall lifestyles, but also because they bring numerous health benefits to individuals. Here are some of the most outstanding benefits.

1. Reduction or elimination of sleep apnea

Obesity-related sleep problems can be improved and even eliminated as a result of drastic weight loss. Sleeping disturbances can cause ongoing discomfort and may also be the underlying cause of anxiety and fatigue, all of which can interfere with a person’s quality of life.

2. Lowered risk of diabetes

In many cases, diabetics who have had weight loss surgery have found that their blood sugar levels returned to normal following the procedure. Blood sugar imbalances are common in people who are significantly overweight.

3. Improved joint function

People whose body weight is normal often have limber joints and strong muscles. In contrast, excess weight puts enormous stress on the joints and can lead to serious joint and bone damage.

4. Reduced risk of hypertension

Hypertension has been found to be linked with obesity. Fortunately, gastric bypass surgery can improve hypertension to the point that symptoms are almost completely reduced.

5. Longer lifespan

Medical experts agree that people who have lost weight through gastric bypass surgery can increase their lifespan by as much as three years.

6. Continued weight loss

In addition to the often dramatic loss of weight experienced right after bariatric surgery, the procedure is also known to help people maintain their long-term weight loss goals.

7. Improved self-esteem

The improved body image that people get from losing excessive amounts of weight can lead to a very positive outlook and sense of well-being. In turn, positive lifestyle changes may result, such as following healthy diet and exercise programs.

When it comes to the treatment of obesity, the gastric bypass procedures are invaluable and have shown to be especially helpful in reducing numerous health problems associated with being overweight.

Of course, as with any type of surgery, there are risks and complications associated with gastric bypass surgery, but the majority of procedures are quite successful and the people who undergo them report they are healthier and happier as a result of the surgery.