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Realize Band Costs: Knowing your Payment Options

Bariatric surgery, while very common, is one of the more expensive surgeries. Paying for the surgery is the most stressful thing an individual encounters when deciding on getting any type of weight loss surgery. Health insurance companies will cover a majority of the costs, including Medicaid and Medicare, although each health insurance plan differs. It is very important that you find out what your insurance company will pay for before considering getting any type of weight loss surgery.

Your health is the most important thing. Money should not be a barrier as to whether or not you decide to get weight loss surgery. If you do not have any type of health insurance there are options to finance Realize band costs. If your health insurance company is unwilling to work with you in covering Realize band costs you can also apply for the many financing options available.

Many individuals will take advantage of financing bariatric surgery to cover any costs they have put in out-of-pocket. These types of surgeries are essentially an investment; they improve quality of life and allow you to live a healthier life overall.

Bariatric Surgery and Realize Band Costs

The cost of any type of bariatric surgery depends on your surgeon and the facility in which you will have the surgery performed. On average, the cost for open bariatric surgery is approximately $25,000; the cost for laparoscopic bariatric surgery averages at about $18,000. The most widely used approach for these surgeries is laparoscopic surgery. Gastric banding surgery is cheaper on average than other invasive forms of bariatric surgery. Realize band costs range from $10,000 to over $15,000. The costs for sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric bands, and gastric bypass surgery will vary depending again on surgeon fees and hospital fees. Initial Realize band costs do not include the actually band. When getting this type of surgery the hospital will buy the Realize band and is typically billed to you on top of any other fees that are incurred for the surgery.

Options for Financing Bariatric Surgery

If one cannot afford Realize band costs there are many other options out there to help pay for the surgery. Some of these financing options include:

  • Home equity credit
  • Personal credit
  • Credit card
  • Refinancing your home

When talking to a lender it is essential that you ask them to thoroughly explain every detail of the financing plan that will pay for Realize band costs. Such things include:

  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Reasonable interest rates and flexible payment plans
  • Higher approval rates
  • Fast application approval

Another important thing to consider is that Realize band costs are considered a major medical expense as per the IRS; the cost of getting the Realize band implanted could be tax deductible. Therefore, it is imperative that you save any and all bills or receipts from anything that relates to surgery. Your tax preparer will be able to give you more details on this.

How Realize Band Costs can Save You Money

Most types of bariatric surgery including the Realize band will be fully paid for within two years. Weight loss surgery helps resolve health related conditions that come with obesity such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes. Patients will save a large sum of money on doctor visits, prescriptions medication, and hospital visits. Savings per month can potentially add up to approximately $900 per money for laparoscopic surgeries.

All in all, while Realize band costs may seem to be out of reach for many people, there are financing options available. No one wants to put their home or car up as collateral. This is where you need to ask yourself “is getting the Realize band worth it?” If you have answered “yes” to this question, then your financing options to take care of Realize band costs will be plentiful as will the benefits.

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