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Realize Band for Losing Weight and Maintaining Weight Loss

In a society where food is so easily assesible as ours, obesity becomes a great concern. Weight loss trends and fads have been sweeping the country for years, being utilized by millions of people. Diet pills, weight loss programs, and medical weight loss procedures have become the weight loss methods of choice. Over the past few years, weight loss surgery has become increasingly popular amongst those that want and need to lose weight, to gain and maintain a healthier lifestyle. When a new prodecure such as the Realize Band becomes available, it begins a new era of change for weight loss surgery.

The Facts about the Realize Band

The Realize band is a type of weight loss surgery involving an adjustable gastric band. It was first developed by a division of Johnson and Johnson, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. This weight loss band is similar to other types of gastric weight loss bands in that it is put around the upper part of the stomach using laparoscopic surgery. The surgery itself is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure.

The Realize band has been available and used outside the United States for over 10 years. It originated in Sweden and was original given the name SAGB or Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band. Over 100,000 individuals have used the Realize band as a means of weight loss and their surgery of choice for weight loss.

Up until September of 2007, the Realize band was not FDA approved in the United States. The FDA has referred to the Realize band as a weight loss device that is surgically implanted. It is made from a silicone tubing, band, and injection port. Since the approval of the Realize band in the United States, the number of individuals using this type of weight loss surgery has grown significantly.

How this Surgical Procedure Works

While this type of weight loss surgery has become increasingly popular, many are unsure of what it can actually do and how exactly it works. The Realize band can only be implanted via a surgical procedure and usually done laparoscopically. The band is placed around the top part of the stomach creates a small pouch that holds a very small amount of food. It also creates a narrow opening leading to the lower part of the stomach. After surgery, an individual will only be able to consume and hold approximately four ounces of food making the patient feel fuller quicker and will help them eat less. Essentially, by having the Realize band surgically implanted, it assists an individual in their weight loss journey by putting a limit to how much food that person can eat at one time. It also increases the amount of time it takes to digest food. During doctor’s visits, the Realize band can be adjusted by either removing or adding fluid into the band by way of the tubing and injection port of the band.

Before making a decision on what type of weight loss surgery one wants to pursue, it is important to discuss all information with their doctor. Ask about the specifics of the procedure as well as the risk factors, complications, and recovery time. You can also fill our your Bariatric Profile to get more information from us, including qualified Realize Band surgeons near you, details of this and other procedures, financing information, appointment scheduling and much more.

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