When my mother approached me about weight loss surgery in January of 2013, I was one month short of a year from the anniversary of my fathers death. He was also obese, diabetic, high blood pressure, and had two heart attacks. Luckily for me, I was just the obese part and didn’t have any thing else. I was very hesitant. Scared to death is a better description. That night we decided that I was going to go through with weight loss surgery I drove to my friends house crying and she told me to think of my life 6 months from now….you could weigh 50lbs less or 50lbs more, it’s your decision. Her statement calmed me. Dr. called me at home on a Sunday night, he had just gotten home from playing tennis. He was very kind and truly sounded concerned for my health. I was interested in the P.O.S.E. Procedure, he convinced me to do the Gastric Sleeve and assured me I would be happier with the results. I had the Gastric Sleeve on March 19, 2013. The strict diet after was difficult but not as bad as I thought because I wasn’t hungry. I got through it and it was one of the greatest decisions I have made. In January 2013 I was 230lbs…now December 2014 I am between 155-160lbs. My goal is to be 125lbs and the last bit will be hard work, but I have the energy and drive to finish my weight loss goal. I am so much happier!!!